Holocaust Memorial Day Event

On Monday 3rd February a group of students volunteered to participate in a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Day Event in Northwood.

Students had the opportunity to hear the personal testimony of a Holocaust Survivor through one of their descendants. The students were also, with the guidance of a trained Facilitator, able to participate in a workshop developing their understanding of historical facts about the Holocaust and other genocides. One of the students who visited this event commented, “It was an amazing experience. The best bit of the day was definitely the guest speaker. It was such an empowering speech”. Another student stated “It was really interesting to learn about the holocaust. The guest speaker was extremely motivational. The fact that she had the courage to talk about her mother and tell us all about what her mother had to go through was incredible and extremely sad.”

It was an informative and poignant trip and allowed the students to reflect and discuss personal responsibility whilst learning how minority groups were treated in the past and how some are still discriminated against today. Mrs Cox, Humanities Faculty Coordinator, who had organised the trip stated “We were reminded about the fact that discrimination still takes place in this country and around the world and that we should ‘stand together’ against discrimination”.