CDS at the UKMT Maths Challenge

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed 8S, reports ...

On 27th February 2019, Grace, Jack, Robbie and I took part in the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust Maths Challenge. The competition was held at Ashlyns School and there were 22 schools that took part.

There were four events: group task, crossnumber, pairs task and relay. In the group task, we had to answer several questions together. In the crossnumber, there were hints that had  a numbered answer and we had to put them in the correct boxes. The pairs task was simply questions given in between two pairs. Lastly, we had to run up and down while answering the questions for the relay.

Since we were against year 9s and 10s, we didn’t expect to win or come in the top three, but we were surprised when we ended as the penultimate team, meaning that we had beaten a year 9/10 team!  All of us had a fun time and represented our school very well. Thank you to Miss Lake for allowing us to take part.