Christmas Concert 2018

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed 8S, reports ...

On Thursday 13th December, a lot of talent was displayed in the Christmas Concert.

The performers were:

Croxley Danes Choir:

Holly Akers, Liam Bishop-Gregs, Robbie Brown, Megan Cooney, Eloise Furr, Madison Glynn, Maria Godfrey, Isabella Gross, Kayla Hinks, Libby Hockey, Katie Ingham, Emily Knell, Lola Lord, Grace Martin Dye, Victor Minaki-Culverwell, Bibibella Mistretta, Layla Munday, Thelma Muropa, Erin McGreary, Taylor Odlum, Maite Pacheo, Theo Peters, Ella Rogers, Amanda Sabreen, Phoebe Salas, Maisie Stevens, Jean-Pierre Steyn, Kiana Sutanto-Martotell, Harriet Watson, Jack Watson.

Drama Group:

A Christmas Carol

Zach Gordon-Brown, Theo Peters, Joao Duarte Dos Santos Rodrigues, Harriet Watson, Milly Murray, Layla Munday, Megan Cooney, Vicky Woodford, Holly Akers, Yousuf Sayed, Ibtissem Taghrest, Dhara Thacker, Phoebe Salas, Freya Wass.


Kathrine Southin, Madison Glynn, Grace Eyles, Neveah Robb, Iris Carvalho, Scarlet Baxter, Amanda Sabreen, Sarah T.

Ukulele Club:

Aruna Ahmed, Karen Bradley, Devon Davie, Eloise Furr, Katie Ingham, Sophie Jackson, Grace Martin-Dye, Layla Munday, Grace Winny.

Dance Club:

Kumiwa Asante, Jia Hirani, Maite Pacheo, Kiana Sutanto-Martorell, Ibtissem Taghrest, Mei Vaughan, Emily Welch, Sophie Wilson.

There were also a couple of soloists who will be mentioned in the list of items below:

Deck the Halls - Choir

Fusion Dance - Jia Hirani, Ibtissem Taghrest

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter - Meaghan Gilbert

Girl on Fire - Maria Godfrey, Lola Lord

A Christmas Carol - Drama Group

Rolling in the Deep - Thelma Muropa

Girls Like You - Dance Club

Waltz in G - Dhara Thacker

Jingle Bells - Choir

Super Trooper - Choir

Mistletoe - Holly Akers, Megan Cooney, Madison Glynn, Libby Hockey, Phoebe Salas

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Dance: Tilly Moore

A Million Dreams - Layla Munday

Pure Imagination - Trumpet: Robbie Brown

Hallelujah - Choir (Soloists: Kayla Hinks, Phoebe Salas)

Ain’t No Sunshine - Christian Posso

Cinderella - Drama Group

Naughty! - Choir

A big thank you to Mrs Elliott for organising this amazing performance, and well done to all the talented performers!