Languages Week

The Modern Languages faculty have been very busy in creating a fun filled learning week, for students and staff alike, in celebration of European Languages Day which took place on Thursday 26th September with a Bake off that brought in 56 donations to raise funds for Save the Children. The students have had an extremely exciting week and were able to earn house points for example being exposed to a diverse range of greetings written in a variety of languages placed around the schools from ‘zdrah-stvooy’ (Russian) to ‘nee-hawy’ (Mandarin) where students had to write Hello in 21 languages. Additionally, there was a Language Fair held at lunchtime where the Year 8 and Year 9 students helped the students to learn basic phrases in a variety of languages. There was also a chance to enter the Gummy bear competition and finish a math’s challenge in different languages as well as complete the 51 Language booklet and participate in form quizzes. The students were really encouraged to learn the importance of language learning whilst increasing their understanding of cultural diversity and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, as did the teachers!