Ayush gains black belt in Karate!

Congratulations to Ayush in 7G who was last weekend awarded with a black belt in Karate. Ayush has been attending a Karate club, Active Hertfordshire Karate, for the past 6 years.  He has had many gradings and moved up each time, steadily working towards last weekend's ultimate assessment. In order to achieve the black belt, he has had to do assignments, learn Japanese terminology related to Karate, be an instructor in the younger sessions for 1 hour a week and take warm ups and go through basic moves in his own brown belt and black belt sessions, where he is the youngest member among other children and adults. The grading on Sunday was a combination of a 2 hour Black Belt course followed by a 2.5 hour grading. The grading was examined by his Sensei and 5 other Karate examiners. Ayush is looking forward to receiving his personalised black belt which will have his name in English and Japanese on it, along with a framed diploma certificate. Well done, Ayush for this fantastic achievement!