We are delighted to inform both existing and prospective parents that we have received another set of fantastic GCSE exam results in 2023, to build on the success of 2022. With Croxley Danes School opening in September 2017, our inaugural cohort of students took their GCSE in the summer of 2022 and in summer 2023 we received our second set of GCSE exam results.

We have a truly comprehensive cohort of students at our school, yet they attain more highly than students both nationally and in Hertfordshire and it is evident that students at Croxley Danes make excellent progress compared to similar students nationally.

The validated GCSE Progress 8 score for the students in 2022 was +0.43 which indicates that students achieved almost half a grade better per subject across the same 8 government approved subjects than similar ability students at other schools across England and Wales. As such, Progress 8 represents a ‘value-added’ measure and the school’s validated score would be considered above average. The unvalidated GCSE Progress 8 score for our 2023 cohort of students is estimated to be +0.39, which indicates that the excellent progress of the 2022 cohort was effectively sustained by the 2023 cohort.

A summary table of the school’s 2022 and 2023 GCSE results and national figures for 2019 is provided below. A post-pandemic national correction was made to the 2023 results to attempt to make them comparable to 2019. As such, direct comparisons between the school’s 2023 and 2022 results should be avoided. It is estimated that the national correction resulted in a decrease of 0.5 grade in attainment per GCSE in 2023 compared to 2022. Due to the national correction, the school’s 2023 results are best judged against National results for 2019

Performance Measure

National results 2019


Croxley Danes School 2022


Croxley Danes School 2023


Attainment 8




Progress 8




% students attaining grades 9-5 in English and Maths




% students attaining grades 9-4 in English and Maths




% students entered for EBacc*




*Students entered for the English Baccalaureate take GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Sciences, a Modern Foreign Language and either Geography or History amongst their 9 GCSE entries.

The school’s full 2022 GCSE results can be viewed on the DfE Performance Tables.

Dfe Performance Tables - Croxley Danes School