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As parents will be aware, full school attendance has a direct impact on students' learning, development and future success. The school will work in partnership with parents to ensure that all students achieve excellent records of attendance and punctuality. The school will regularly monitor attendance and will report to both the Local Authority and the DfE the percentage of authorised and unauthorised absences and details of any students who are persistently absent. High attendance, above 95%, is expected; if a child’s attendance drops below this percentage we will contact parents. 

An Attendance Improvement Officer (AIO) who works in partnership with schools and the Local Authority, will visit the school regularly to monitor patterns of absence and to make contact with parents, particularly in situations where attendance falls below the expected rate.  

Where attendance becomes problematic and persistent, further action may be taken which could involve legal proceedings.

The School Day 

Our main school reception is open 7:45am-4:15pm and the school is open from 8am. All students must register at the start of the morning with their Form Tutor in their designated form rooms and with the teacher of their period 4 lesson for the afternoon. Times for registration each day are 8.40am and 1.20pm. Students must arrive promptly. The school day finishes at 3:20pm. 

Total hours of education provided: 33 hours and 20minutes. 



Late arrivals/early departures

If a student is late into school, he or she must sign in on the InVentry system in the Visitors’ Reception and collect a late slip.

If a student arrives after 9.30am attendance will be marked as an unauthorised absence. Any student leaving before the end of the school day for medical reasons must sign out on the InVentry system in Reception. 

Students may only leave early if there is a signed note from a parent explaining the reasons. This note must be shown to a member of the reception team when signing out.

Absences due to illness

If a student is absent or late due to illness, the parent must inform the school by telephone by 8.30am at the latest on the day that the student is absent, and on each subsequent day the student is absent. A specific reason must be given for the student’s absence. There is a designated extension to report absences and the telephone system will prompt you to access this if the main reception is not open.

In addition, all absences must be explained in writing via a note to the Form Tutor on the day that the student returns to school. Please note that the school is not able to accept e-mail notification alone of student absence. Informing the school by telephone on the day of the absence and following up with a letter is a legal requirement and we would appreciate parents’ support over this matter.

Other absences

Absences during term time can have a serious and detrimental effect on students’ learning and we would urge parents not to take children out of school other than for wholly exceptional or unavoidable circumstances. Parents are requested to make medical and dental appointments after school or in holidays.

Leave of absence during term time

The school and the Local Authority take the view that taking children out of school during term time can be damaging to a child’s educational progress. Children find it very difficult to catch up on the learning that they have missed and in the longer term this can have a negative impact on their progress. Leave of Absence will not be granted during exam/coursework/controlled assessment times and the period leading up to this.

An exceptional absence during term time must be formally requested at least three weeks in advance using the necessary form. The only exception to this is a family funeral. Authorisation will only be granted at the Headteacher’s discretion.

To request such an absence, please download the Leave of Absence Form, complete and return it to the Associate Assistant Headteacher, Miss Webb.

Spectators at Sports Fixtures

We would like to welcome parents to support their child, particularly when fixtures take place at the school. If you wish to attend a fixture at Croxley Danes School, parents are to arrive at the school reception for 15:30. You will then be taken to the venue (playing fields, sports hall) as a group by a member of staff. You must remain at the venue until the end of the fixture, and the PE staff will escort you back to reception.

If you arrive before 15:30, you will have to wait for the member of staff to escort you to the fixture. If you arrive after 15:30, then unfortunately you will not be allowed to watch and will be denied entry. It is important that this system is followed and respected by all parents as it has been put in place to reduce safeguarding risks to all students that are attending sports fixtures after school. 

We currently do not allow away support on site to watch fixtures. This is due to our duty capacity and ensuring it is a secure site. 


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