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Welcome to all our parents

Welcome to the Croxley Danes School Parent Association (CDS PA). All parents / carers of children at the school automatically become members of the CDS PA. The purpose of the PA is to support the school and its community, through social events and fundraising activities. The money raised is used for extra-curricular activities, equipment or facilities for the students and school environment.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages are ‘public’ so you can look at them even if you do not have an account. PA news and dates for your diary are usually communicated to parents via SchoolComms, Headlines, Facebook and Twitter.

We hold PA meetings every half term, and a friendly and committed group of parents regularly attend. Our meetings are not just for committee members - all parents / carers are welcome. A senior member of staff also attends to facilitate liaison with the school.

Since our first meeting in January 2018 we have established the PA and built links with the school community. We run an annual Quiz Night and sell New Starter Stationery Packs to the new intake of Year 7’s each year. We regularly run our popular refreshments stall at school events such as Parents’ Evenings, Concerts and Shows. We have lots of ideas for fundraising and future events as we settle into our permanent site at Baldwins Lane. Do please get involved!

Purchases for the school, as at July 2022:

  • Large Christmas tree and decorations
  • Sound system (Music department)
  • Drum kit (Music department)
  • Printing press (Art department)
  • 3 DSLR Canon cameras (Art department)
  • Lighting for the Drama studio (Drama department)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Expedition rucksacks
  • Football kits for the Girls U13 and U15 teams (PE department)
  • 30 Djembe drums (Music department)

Second-hand school uniform and PE kit

We held our first second-hand uniform sale in July 2021 and it was a great success. In future, we will run second-hand sales once or twice a year, depending on stock levels.

Parents can donate good quality items of outgrown CDS uniform and PE kit via the school's reception, or by contacting Helen or Louise (see flyer at bottom of page). Please wash, dry and remove name labels prior to donating. All monies raised goes straight to the PA which in turn benefits the students and school. Thank you.

Stikins Name Labels

We have partnered with the label company Stikins. The PA earns 30% commission on every order placed when our unique fundraising number is quoted on the order. Click on the link below to place your order and our fundraising number will be pre-filled on the order form. If you decide to order via another method, please remember to include our fundraising number on the order so that the company can calculate our commission. Thank you.

Croxley Danes School fundraising number: 35954

Stikins - CDS

Please note: if any parents have bought Find My Kit labels, these will still work in reuniting items with their owners.

Croxley Danes School Parent Association

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