Careers and Enterprise Day



On Tuesday 12th July 2022, Croxley Danes welcomed an exciting range of careers providers to engage and inspire our Year 7 students.

Lily and Josh from Medical Mavericks demonstrated a wide range of hands-on medical tasks using specialist training equipment such as an ECG and an ultrasound scan.

A team from West Herts College led by Andy Wakeford led classes in preparing and baking ‘langue du chat’ biscuits, with another group laying out tables formally to learn about the hospitality industry. For any students age 14-16 who would like to explore their passion for cooking, check out the West Herts College autumn term Young Chefs Academy at 

Lucy Tearle from Watford FC had hands flying up around her classroom as she introduced the business side of the sports industry with an interactive game of ‘higher or lower’.

And Aleisha and Olan from Rendel Ltd, who work on the High Speed 2 infrastructure project, explained types of bridges before a ‘Spaghetti Bridge’ challenge got the students' building designs hands-on.

Thank you to all the providers for giving the students a hands-on, varied and engaging Careers and Enterprise Day.

Recipe from the West Herts College ‘Langue due chat biscuits (cat’s tongue)’

50g butter

60g icing sugar

45g egg white

50g plain flour

¼ tsp vanilla (or other flavour)

  • Cream butter and then add sifted icing sugar and cream together
  • Add a little egg white at a time to butter mixture, mixing well with each addition
  • Add vanilla or other flavour such as orange zert
  • Add flour and fold in
  • Mix altogether and fill a piping bag fitted with a 6mm plain piping nozzle
  • Pipe biscuits 4cm long and cook for approximately 3 minutes until just browned around the edges at 190C