Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance

Croxley Danes is a member of  The Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance, which is led by St Clement Danes School. Set up in 2013, this is a collaboration of schools, two local authority learning trusts and two universities across all phases of education within South Bucks and South Herts which is at the heart of teacher training and continuing professional development in the area.

Within a supportive and challenging environment, the alliance promotes school-led systems that contribute to all participating schools improving the learning outcomes for their students and generating sustained excellence for local communities.

Activities include the delivery of teacher training for large numbers of staff. The alliance also engages in school to school support programmes to ensure that all have the opportunity to access excellent coaching to promote effective learning. This is often done in conjunction with Herts for Learning and the Bucks Learning Trust.  

Croxley Danes students directly and indirectly benefit from the wealth of training delivered and undertaken within the Teaching School Alliance. In difficult times for the recruitment of teachers, the Teaching School Alliance makes the Trust better able to recruit high quality staff who have trained locally and to attract others coming into the area.

The Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance has a concern for long term sustainability. There is a commitment to professional development opportunities through providing nationally accredited courses, an example of this being the MA modules delivered. The alliance also engages in national and local research that offer a rigorous evidence base to promote best practice. 

To view the Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance webpage, please click the link below:

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