Secondary Transfer 2018 - Croxley Danes School

Secondary Transfer 2018

Sports Camps for new Year 7s - Reminders

The camps run from 9.30am to 3pm, Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August. The places are all full, so only children who have booked may attend.

Please drop your child at 9.30am at the Student Reception, St Clement Danes School, and sign in, leaving a contact number each day.

Make sure your child has the following:

  • A named water bottle and hat
  • Suncream
  • A packed lunch
  • A small amount of money for the tuck shop
  • Kit suitable for a range of sports, inside and out - no need for any footwear other than trainers, but a rain jacket may be useful, depending on the weather

National Allocation Day – 1 March 2018

Depending on the method used in applying for a school place, you will receive either an email or a letter from the Local Authority on 1 March 2018 notifying you of the school place your child has been allocated for September 2018. If your application to this school has been successful, you will also receive a letter from the school confirming the offer of the place.  We would ask that you accept or decline your place.

If you have not been successful in your application to this school, letters will be sent sent out on 2nd March (snow permitting) with information regarding your child's position on the continuing interest list and also information about how to appeal. We would request that you do not call the school for an update of your child’s position on the Continuing Interest List.

Following National Allocation Day, all applicants who listed Croxley Danes School higher than the school they have been allocated will automatically be rolled onto the continuing interest list. You will not remain on Croxley Danes School’s continuing interest list if you have been allocated a school you ranked higher than it.

It is worth noting that we receive few withdrawals at this stage and it is therefore important that you make alternative arrangements for your child by accepting a place at another secondary school.  There is no statistical analysis, from one year to the next, as to how many places will be accepted or declined by applicants.  The variation is such that it would be misleading to rely solely on the data from previous years and use it as a benchmark for your own application.

All unsuccessful applicants are entitled to appeal.  The deadline for registering is 4.00pm on 31st March 2017. 

If you wish to appeal against the Governors’ decision not to award you a place you will need to either

  1. Follow the link: and log in with the details you used when making your application.
  2. If you did not apply through the Hertfordshire on line application system please contact Hertfordshire Local Authority Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4043. 

Hertfordshire Local Authority are organising all of Croxley Danes’ appeals.  From their information you will note that the Authority will require your completed Appeal Form to be returned to them by 4pm on 29th March 2018. It is possible for you to remain on the Continuing Interest list without lodging an appeal. 

We respectfully ask that you consult the Frequently Asked Questions document which can be found at the very bottom of this page before contacting the school with queries.

The Admissions Office is routinely open on Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 4.30pm during term time. We would request that you do not call the school during this busy period but if you have any queries please email


Message for our new students

Congratulations to all those students who have been offered a place at the school for September 2018. Our current students are excited at the prospect of having another 180 members of the school community and we are delighted that you have chosen Croxley Danes as your Secondary School.

After Easter, Mr Thompson or a member of his team will either visit you in your primary school or invite you to Croxley Danes School (currently based at St Clement Danes) to meet him. We hope you will have any questions ready to ask during these visits.

In June, you will get an induction pack sent through the post with a booklet which gives you details about such things as lunch arrangements, lessons and uniform.

On Thursday 12th July at 7pm, we will meet you and your parents at a New Students and Parents’ Evening in the Barbirolli Hall at St Clement Danes School where we are currently based. At this evening, we will explain many things about life at the school from September and you will have a chance to meet your Form Tutor. This is a really important evening to attend, so please ask your parents to put it on the calendar now.

If, in the meantime, you have any questions about the school that can’t wait until we meet, please get your parents to email and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Updates about the temporary accommodation and permanent site

Please follow this link for details about accommodation and transport during 2018-19 and for updates about the permanent site:

Permanent and temporary accommodation

Open Evening

We were delighted to see so many people at our Open Evening in September and overwhelmed by the numbers attending. We are sorry if you did not manage to get into the hall to be able to hear the presentations. Because of this, we have recorded the Headteacher's speech. It will not win any prizes for editing, but we hope that it gives you the opportunity to see what you missed. It contains a video of students from Year 7 talking about their time at the school so far which can be viewed at 11 minutes in. We have also posted the FAQs we handed out at the bottom of the page together with the slides from the presentation.

Historical Information

1. Distance

In 2017, the last accepted place was awarded at a distance of 6370.32 m from the address point on the permanent site of the school in Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green. The postcode of the site is WD3 3RT. Please visit the following page to see a map of the permanent site: Baldwins Lane - Information about the permanent site.

2. Musical Aptitude

There were no places awarded for Musical Aptitude in 2017.

Information about 2018 entry for both Musical Aptitude and distance can be found in the document dated 1st March below.