Pastoral Care

At Croxley Danes, all staff are committed to knowing every student and to providing the necessary support and guidance to ensure that every individual is able to succeed as well as they can, both academically and personally. The high quality pastoral care provided is a core part of the overall progress and well-being of every individual student in school and is modelled on the outstanding practice at St Clement Danes which has been called ‘the bedrock of the school’ by Ofsted.

A team of support staff plays an important role in providing every day support and guidance to students and communicating with their parents.

Every child is assigned a Form Tutor whose role is to get to know each student and is the first port of call for both students and parents. The Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher will induct and support new students. From Year 8 onwards, the Heads of Key Stage 3 and subsequently Key Stage 4 will take on responsibility for pastoral care. In the Sixth Form, the Director of Sixth Form will be supported by an Assistant Director of Sixth Form whose role will be to oversee pastoral care in Years 12 and 13.

We adopt a pro-active approach through the personal development and resilience programmes. Students are taught key life skills and provided with appropriate information and guidance through personal development lessons. Students learn about coping strategies, alternative thoughts, problem solving and decision-making through resilience lessons.

At Croxley Danes, we work closely with parents. Additional guidance and support are provided via a range of themed evenings and parent workshops. A team of support staff play an important role in providing every day support and guidance to students and communicating with their parents. Safeguarding and child protection are key responsibilities for all staff and fundamental in ensuring effective student well-being. A team of staff with a high level of safeguarding training deals with any more serious issues.  If any student is in need of additional support, this is provided either by staff in school or via external agencies.