At Croxley Danes, we believe that extra-curricular activities are extremely important in enthusing and engaging the students whilst broadening their horizons, developing new skills and contributing to students' personal and social development. Currently COVID-19 is restricting the extra-curricular offer to students; however, in more normal circumstances a range of enrichment activities would be available to all Croxley Danes students each day, either at lunch time or after school, complementing the learning which takes place in the timetabled curriculum.

During the early years of Croxley Danes School, students will access enrichment activities at St Clement Danes.

The regular, varied and ongoing programme of enrichment activities enables students to widen their experience and develop specific skills. Some of these opportunities are linked to the curriculum whilst others are ‘one-off’ events and visits.  Our proposed programme will include:

  • competitions
  • visits
  • drama productions
  • field trips
  • visiting experts
  • interest groups – art, drama, dance etc.
  • sports training
  • book club; maths investigations; chess
  • language clubs
  • enrichment days – temporary suspension of timetable for special activities;
  • business and/or community projects
  • mini-enterprises and
  • enterprise days and events.


All students aged fourteen and over will also have the opportunity of taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award programmes to inspire, guide and support them in their self-development. 

Students in Key Stages 4 and 5 will also be offered the opportunity to participate in the World Challenge Expedition. In so doing, they will be expected to raise the funds they will require for participation through a combination of a reasonable level of employment and by organising activities for younger students at the school.

The enrichment activities are delivered and supervised by teaching staff and support staff from Croxley Danes. Contracted providers will deliver specialist activities, drawing upon links with national organisations such as the World Challenge Organisation.

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Extra Curricular Date  
Updated Extra Curricular Provision - Autumn 2020 06th Nov 2020 Download