Term Dates

Academic Year 2017/2018 


Autumn Term 2017

04/09/2017 Staff training day (No students)
05/09/2017 Start of term 
02/10/2017 Staff training day (No students)
20/10/2017 Students finish at 3.30pm for half term
30/10/2017   Students return after half term
27/11/2017  Occasional Day (School closed)
28/11/2017   Day Off in lieu of Open Day (School closed)
20/12/2017 End of term (Students finish at 1:15pm)


Spring Term 2018

05/01/2018 Start of term
31/01/2018 Staff training day (No students)
09/02/2018 Students finish at 3.30pm for half term
19/02/2018 Students return after half term
28/03/2018 End of term (Students finish at 3.30pm)
29/03/2018 Staff training day (No students)

Summer Term 2018

16/04/2018 Start of term
25/05/2018 Students finish at 3.30pm for half term
04/06/2018 Students return after half term



Staff training day (No Students)

Staff training day (No Students) - please note, this is an additional day added since the start of the year

13/07/2018 End of term for students (Students finish at 1.15pm)


Proposed Dates 2018-19  (Please note to be confirmed)

Proposed Dates 2018-19


03/09/18              INSET Day

04/09/18              Year 7 start. 

05/09/18              Year 8

14/09/18              Speech Day (may necessitate a change to the school day)

01/10/18              INSET Day

29/10/18              Half term

05/11/18              School starts

23/11/18              Commemoration events

26/11/18              Day off in lieu of Open Day (school shut)

27/11/18              Occasional  day (school shut)

21/12/18              End of term

07/01/19              Term starts

29/01/19              INSET Day

18/02/19              Half term

25/02/19              School starts

04/04/19              End of term

05/04/19              INSET Day

23/04/19              Term starts

06/05/19              Bank holiday

27/05/19              Half term

03/06/19              Term starts

18/06/19              INSET Day

08/07/19              TSA INSET Day

19/07/19              End of term