Term Dates

Academic Year 2018/2019 

Autumn Term 2018

03/09/18              INSET Day (Students do not attend)

04/09/18              Start of Term (Year 7)

05/09/18              Start of Term (Year 8) 

21/09/18              Speech Day

01/10/18              INSET Day (Students do not attend)

29/10/18              School closes for Half Term

05/11/18              School starts after Half Term

23/11/18              Commemoration events

26/11/18              Day off in lieu of Open Day (school shut)

27/11/18              Occasional  day (school shut)

21/12/18              End of term (1.15pm)

Spring Term 2019

07/01/19              Start of Term

29/01/19              INSET Day (Students do not attend)

18/02/19              School closes for Half Term

25/02/19              School starts after Half Term

04/04/19              End of term (3.30pm)

Summer Term 2019

05/04/19              INSET Day (Students do not attend)

23/04/19              Term starts

06/05/19              Bank holiday

27/05/19              School closes for Half Term

03/06/19              School starts after Half Term

18/06/19              INSET Day (Students do not attend)

01/07/19              TSA INSET Day (Students do not attend)

19/07/19              End of term (1.15pm)


Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Autumn Term 2019

Term Starts:             Monday 2nd September 2019

Half Term:                Mon 28th Oct – Fri 1st Nov 2019

Term Ends:              Friday 20th December 2019

Spring Term 2020

Term Starts:             Monday 6th January 2020

Half Term:                Mon 17th Feb – Fri 21st Feb 2020

Term Ends:               Friday 3rd April 2020

Summer Term 2020

Term Starts:             Monday 20th April 2020

Half Term:                Mon 25th May – Fri 29th May 2020

Term Ends:               Tuesday 21st July 2020


  • Parents should ensure that holidays are only booked during the school holidays.
  • Information on INSET days will be added during the Summer term 2019.
  • The dates of the Easter and Summer holidays are subject to change in 2020, dependent upon the final decision on the timing of the relocation of the school to its permanent site in Baldwins Lane.