Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium

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Executive Summary & Strategy Statement

The school monitors the performance of all students through measures such as:

  • Attendance & Punctuality (ongoing monitoring – reported to parents three time per year)
  • Attitude to Learning (engagement and effort in lessons – reported to parents three times per year)
  • Behaviour data (exclusions – reported to the School Board three times per year)
  • Progress data (formal assessment points – reported to parents two or three times per year)

Where gaps in performance are identified for individuals or sub-cohorts of students appropriate action is taken. Some actions are implemented through existing school procedures and in accordance with the roles and responsibilities of existing staff. Some actions in 2020-21 will be funded through the COVID catch-up premium and this document provides the overarching expenditure plan for that item of revenue income. The COVID catch-up premium has been issued to schools to address the anticipated gaps in student progress resulting from most students being unable to attend school for the second half of the 2019-20 academic year as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID Catch-up Funding 2020-21

The school received £80 per student based on the Autumn 2019 student census. As such, as a consequence of the funding being lagged and an extra year group being added to the student population at Croxley Danes each year, the school is currently underfunded compared to most other secondary schools. The school hopes that the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) will recognise this discrepancy following the Autumn 2020 student census and in so doing will top-up the current funding to reach £80 per student.

Summary Information

Total number of students (Oct 2019)


Total number of students (Oct 2020)


COVID Catch-Up Premium (2020-21)


Catch-up Premium per student (2020-21)



For more information on the planned expenditure of the COVID Catch-Up Premium please inspect the documents below.

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