Diversity and Inclusion

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Danes Educational Trust is committed to building a fair and inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and be of their best by embracing the differences they bring. 

Evidenced by our core values we recognise the importance of a safe and respectful place to work for our staff and learners, where there is no place for inequality of any kind.

We continue to do everything we can to employ and educate without prejudice. To that end, we are partnering with a Diversity and Inclusion specialist externally to further review our position and seek ways in which we can continue to improve.   


THE danes educational trust                       

Equality statement 

The Trust is committed to establishing a clear framework in which to govern the treatment of all students within our schools, therefore seeking to remove human prejudice from the decision-making process and overcoming any inequality, ensuring that every child and young person that attends one of our schools receives an education which offers them the best chance at fulfilling their potential. The Trust equalities information can be found below along with the St Clement Danes equality objectives action plan. 

Currently staff at the school are working:

  • To monitor and raise the attainment of vulnerable groups
  • To create and promote a culture of respect and trust, where every individual in our community is known and valued, consistent with our school’s values.
  • To ensure we build a fair and inclusive culture where staff can thrive by embracing the differences they bring
  • Robustly challenge bullying and prejudicial incidents; supporting victims with care. To include raising awareness of (and challenging) unconscious bias and prejudicial language whether it be homophobic, racist or misogynistic.
  • To empower students to understand gender equality and address misogynist and sexist attitudes
  • Accessibility of curriculum and extra curricular provision for all. Our specific curriculum aims are:                                                                                            
    • To ensure that the curriculum  is diverse and rich in nature, including the history, culture, achievements, literature and role models from a wide variety of ethnic groups, especially BAME.                                                 
    • To ensure that the curriculum meets new expectations for Sex and Relationships education for all learners                          
    • Resources and displays reflect our diverse school community                      
    • Extra Curricular provision is provided for all learners to ensure opportunities and aspiration for all
  • To prevent radicalisation and promote tolerance and respect


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