Red Nose Day at CDS

Danes Student Journalist, Ayush Patel 7G reports ...

As much fun as Red Nose Day was in Primary school, this was even better.  It was the first time Red Nose Day had happened in Croxley Danes that involved a full year group. 

So what is Red Nose Day?  Red Nose Day occurs once a year (usually in March) so adults and children can raise money for charity.  Those less fortunate are helped by the charity.  For example, you can raise money for elderly people, hospitals, the homeless etc. 

But what did we do to raise money for charity?  One thing we did was we got sponsored if we did the comedy act.  If people wanted to sponsor you, they would write their name on the sponsor sheet and how much they wanted to sponsor.  There were two double acts who were Tristan and Michael and Zara and Philip and two solo acts who were Ethan and Oliver.  Also, if we wanted to watch the comedy show, we had to buy a ticket which cost 50p.

We also raised money for charity by having a Mufti day, also known as a non-school uniform day.  If we wanted to wear non-school uniform (which everyone did), we had to bring in one pound.

Lastly, we had a dress the teacher day.  To do this we had to vote for which teacher you wanted to come into school in a silly outfit.  There were limits on which teachers you could vote for and what outfits they wore.  The teacher that had the most votes was Ms Platt and she dressed up as Big Bird - as you can see below.  That was all for this year but I hope next year will be as fun (if not, better).