Secondary Transfer 2018

We are delighted that you are considering applying for a place for your child to join Croxley Danes School in September 2018. Our oversubscription criteria for 2018, together with Frequently Asked Questions, are available to download at the bottom of the page.

Local Authorities' online applications are now open. Please remember that as well as applying online, where you must select Croxley Danes School as one of your choices, you should also complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which is availalbe to download at the bottom of this page. If you collected a prospectus at one of our Open Events, it can be found in the back pocket. Hard copies can be obtained by visiting the main reception at St Clement Danes School.

Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the application you send us - or the postcard included in the prospectus. We will then send this back to you to act as proof of receipt.


We are receiving a number of contacts from the post office about applications being sent without sufficient postage. Please note that A4 letters require a stamp for a large letter, otherwise they will not be delivered to the school. This could result in your application not being processed by 31st October.

Please address any queries about admissions to

(Please note that, as of the third week in August, we have been experiencing difficulties with our voicemail system on our main number. If you have left a message, please send an email to ensure that your query receives a response.)

Open Evening

We were delighted to see so many people at our Open Evening and overwhelmed by the numbers attending. We are sorry if you did not manage to get into the hall to be able to hear the presentations. Because of this, we have recorded the Headteacher's speech. It will not win any prizes for editing, but we hope that it gives you the opportunity to see what you missed. It contains a video of students from Year 7 talking about their time at the school so far which can be viewed at 11 minutes in. We have also posted the FAQs we handed out at the bottom of the page together with the slides from the presentation.



Historical Information

1. Distance

In 2017, the last accepted place was awarded at a distance of 6370.32 m from the address point on the permanent site of the school in Baldwins Lane, Croxley Green. The closest known postcode to this site is WD3 3LS. Please visit the following page to see a map of the permanent site: Baldwins Lane - Information about the permanent site.

Please note that parents should not rely too heavily on this distance to predict the distance at which places will be awarded in 2018. This is because:

  1. The size of year group is not comparable (in 2017 we accepted 120 students and in 2018 we will offer 180 places)
  2. The sibling rule will become applicable
  3. In 2018, 18 places will be awarded on the basis of musical aptitude (this was not the case in 2017)

2. Musical Aptitude

As 2018 will be the first year in which places will be awarded on the basis of the musical aptitude test results, we are not able to provide historical information, nor are we able to estimate the score which might succeed in gaining one of the 18 places available under this criterion. 

Musical Aptitude Testing


Test results will be available by logging on to the parent portal using your email and secure password from 16th October 2017.

Further details about the South West Herts Consortium can be found using the link below.