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Indport p03July 2017

So we are nearly there – only weeks away now from the start of term on September 5th. It has been a thrilling year with so many firsts along the way: first application for a place, first acceptance, first meeting with students.

Last week, we held our first events for the whole cohort to get together. On Tuesday 11th, we welcomed parents and students to the school for our New Intake evening. This was by far the most exciting moment in the school’s history to date as our 120 students found out which House they were in, met their tutors for the first time and then sat in their newly refurbished classrooms with their classmates. There were cries of ‘Yessssss!’ as the children were handed their House names; it seems that favourite Houses had already been established with those who had seen our news item before the meeting. The sense of expectation and confidence in the school was palpable as one after another, parents told us how impressed they have been with every aspect of the school’s preparations and communication to date. Students described their new classrooms as ‘awesome’ and professed themselves unable to wait until September to get started.

On Thursday 13th July, the students returned for a taster day – a chance to get to know the classmates they had first met two days before and sample the lessons they will have in September. On this occasion it was possible to get a good feel for the Year Group and I lost count of the times staff stopped me to say that the group they had taught was ‘just lovely’. I, too, gained a sense of an aspirational and excited year group and was impressed with the way in which individuals quickly sought to make friends with students from other primary schools.

As the students left the site on Thursday, all the preparations and hard work were suddenly given new meaning. Meticulous plans formed over many months are now transforming into a palpable and vibrant community. I know I speak for all the staff involved when I say that, just like our students, we can’t wait for the first day of term.

This will be my last Project Manager’s Blog as, from September, I will write a monthly newsletter which will be sent to parents and published online. As I sign off and take a short break at the end of the month, it just remains for me to wish all our families and those aspiring to join the school in 2018 and beyond, a very enjoyable and relaxing summer.


Stephen Thompson

Headteacher, Croxley Danes School